We Are Molecules

Teaching computers the meaning of love.

Read: Molecular spectacular

Listen: Silk And Venom (Whipcrack Remix)

North American Halloween Prevention Initiative

Ending the shame.

Read story in The New York Times

Listen: Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?


A repository for half-forgotten memories


Listen to: Train To Bombay

The Hot Pockets

The European side-project.

“One of the greatest sporadic garage rock bands ever…Absolutely, utterly amazing. Seriously, it ranks with some of the best garage punk I’ve ever heard.” -The Odyssey


Listen: Hot Blooded

Participation Mystique

This is how we participate in the mysteries.

Listen to: Convulvulus Gondola

The Spaceshits

A “subquality” rock and roll band I played in as a teenager.

Sympathy for the Spaceshits

Listen: Cassie

The Maury Povitch Three

Before the Internet and MP3s, there was the Maury Povitch Three.

Listen to MP3s of MP3 here

Listen: The Fortress in the Sea

All-male Greco-Roman choir

The all-male Greco-Roman choir (with Marie Douce) recording backup tracks for Pas Chic Chic’s incredible album Au Contraire

Jerusalem in My Heart

A recent performance with Radwan Moumneh’s Arabic pop orchestra Jerusalem in My Heart.

Extra Extra!

I’m working on a new album.