When The Going Was Good

The New York Times
Frozen In Time, Gander International Airport Recalls The Glamour Days Of Travel
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The Very Noble Train of the Huntsman

Gourmet Magazine
Traveling by rail to the north of Quebec with the chefs from Joe Beef
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Dionysus In Crete

Lucky Peach
Partying in a Cave on a Mountaintop, Minoan-Style
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Gustave Moreau’s Paris Museum

The New York Times
Miniature Sphinxes, Stuffed Birds and Alabaster Camels.
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Imagine Paradise

The Paris Review
Remembering Mavis Gallant
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La Belle Poutine

Wall Street Journal
In Search of Quebec’s Baddest Poutine
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The Pursuit of Immortality

Never is Forever
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My Butcher My Friend

The Globe and Mail
The Amazing Things that Happen When You Befriend Your Butcher
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At the Ends of the Earth

A journey to the foggy French Islands of St Pierre et Miquelon
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Syrian Swimming Pool Food

Preserving the Traditions of Syrian Swimming Pool Food
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Rock N’ Roll’s Mother Theresa

Vice Magazine
Ronnie Spector Shines Like a Little Nugget of Pure Gold
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