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“Baby, Let’s Make Fruit Salad”

May 19, 2008

The Globe and Mail just ran some juicy bits from The Fruit Hunters in a piece called Baby Let’s Make Fruit Salad about people who are turned on by food. “From aphrodisiacs and flavoured condoms to dousing a date in whipped cream, sex and food have long been intimately connected,” writes the Globe’s columnist Siri Agrell, leading into a discussion of “the erotic collision of our two most insatiable appetites.”

“The Fruit Hunters,” by Montreal food writer Adam Leith Gollner and due out later this month, includes a chapter on humankind’s X-rated interaction with the fleshy snacks. You may never look at a fruit basket the same way.

In the medieval era, Mr. Gollner explains, “it was considered a turn-on for a woman to peel an apple and coddle it in her armpit until infused with her body odour, at which point she’d present the love apple to her lover.”

If that doesn’t do it for you, check out the Kama Sutra, which Mr. Gollner points out employs a mango to demonstrate a technique for fellatio.

“Fruit, inherently erotic, have a storied heritage as sexual accessories,” he writes.

Later on, the story includes the following fun fact: 40% of men in a recent study conducted by Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation were sexually aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie.

I also enjoyed the comments, particularly those by Paul Jones, who eats fruits in the nude, which frequently leads to him “getting it on” with his girlfriend.

Paul Jones from Kitchener, Canada writes:
This article amused me greatly. Although I’ve never used fruit as a ‘sex accessory’, I can completely understand how it can be used as part of the seduction process. My girlfriend and I often enjoy eating fruit for breakfast – in the nude, and this has almost always lead to sexual play afterwards. I think eating fruit in the nude with your partner is very sensual, though I’ve never made a conscious connection between fruit and sex before. However, reading this article highlighted (in my own mind) how often we ‘get it on’ after having a nice fruit salad breakfast.
As for staining the sheets – if you’re getting dirty why worry about HOW dirty? A Steve Allen quote says it all – “Is sex dirty? Only if its done right.” Get dirty, get your sheets dirty, clean up afterwards.

Lowen Wrainger from Canada writes:
Now I know why they had us memorize that Shakespeare stuff in high school … ‘if food be the music of love, play on’…. well, something like that, my memory’s fading ………

There’s Enough Misery Without Adding More from Baycrest Hill Forest Ridge, Canada writes:
Enough cruelty! Fruit has rights too — this sort of treatment is an offence to the inherent dignity of fruit.

Paul Jones from Kitchener, Canada writes:
Fruit has rights too — this sort of treatment is an offence to the inherent dignity of fruit.
How do you know fruit isn’t turned on by this kind of play too? Hehe…

Alistair McLaughlin from Canada writes:
All this food-as-aphrodisiac nonsense that I’ve seen lately is childish and pathetic.

Luke P from Vancouver, Canada writes:
Lately? It’s been around since the dawn of civilization. The Romans, the Egyptians, even the Chinese, all used food as an aphrodisiac.
If you ask me, you’re the one being childish here.

Banofee Pie from Toronto, Canada writes:
Some of the negative comments here are hilarious….seriously, do you guys have carrots up your orifices? Food is awesome. Sex is also awesome…if a couple wants to bring them together for a bit of fun, what’s the harm?