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UK Fruit Media Blitz

Jun 02, 2009

Lots happening in the United Fruit Kingdom… Click here for a piece in The Guardian about the top 10 literary fruit scenes in history

The Daily Telegraph ran a sweet review, calling the book “a poetic exploration of the world’s many and spectacularly varied fruits… Gollner’s passion for his subject bursts through in every line.” You can click through here or else check out the actual clipping below.

The Financial Times’ description of the book is the best one yet: It’s “a celebration of all fruit everywhere.”

The BBC reported on how the author “really travels around the world and meets these absolute nutcases who live their life searching for the most delicious, fantastical fruits… They are insane eccentric characters sort of leaping around the jungles in homemade pith helmets, plucking these things from the trees… This is a book to inspire you to travel the world and have succulent delights straight off the tree.”

And, although it’s not in the UK, here’s a piece from the colonies about fruit hunting and mushroom hunting — in the suburban newspaper I used to deliver as a child. (Fond memories of age 8 waking up at 5AM in the middle of the winter darkness and riding my bmx through waist-high snow to go pick up my bagfull of Chronicles, and Montreal Gazettes too).

Here’s a couple of others:

Foodtripper says: “Reading the book is such an intense experience it’s a bit of a shock to come to the end and return to the real world- like going from full-colour to black and white.” More here

Passionate Foodie says: “Throughout this comprehensive journey, Adam peppers the book with a plethora of fascinating facts and anecdotes

The Ecologist praises the book’s delightful and often downright dirty snippets