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Maslin Picks Fruit!

Jul 07, 2008

New York Times Daily Book Critic Janet Maslin picks “The Fruit Hunters” as a top summer read on CBS Sunday Morning News.

Here’s what she wrote:
“Colorful, oddball nonfiction about some of the weirdest stuff that ever grew on trees or bushes. Yes, there is a fruit that smells like skunk. Yes, there’s a grape-flavored apple. The author describes bringing a mangosteen to a party and using it as a conversation piece. The factoids in his book will be used in the same way.”

You can read her Top 11 here

That’s not the only summer reading list that’s getting fruity. Turn Row Books — “Rhythm and Books From the Margins of the MIssissippi Delta” — recently selected “The Fruit Hunters” to be part of the Chef’s Library Culinary Book-Club. Of the book, they said:

“This is a triumph of journalistic investigation, fine writing, good humor and a subject so enormous yet so overlooked in our day-to-day lives… We could go on and on reveling in the general fun and fruitiness of this book…”

And The Fruit Hunters is also a New York Times “Editor’s Choice.”

They call it “a lustrous and exhilarating paean to the overwhelming diversity of fruits on this planet, both botanical and human.”