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Montreal Launch

Jun 10, 2008

Thank you to all the lovely people who came out to the Montreal launch of the Fruit Hunters!

Thank you to Drawn & Quarterly for hosting the event (and for tolerating the stench of an overripe durian) You can see more here

Thank you to magical Michelle Marek for her homemade rhubarb cocktails and refreshing lemonade! Check out her (and AJ Kinik’s) excellent blog here

Thank you to radiant Reema Singh of Cocoa Locale for her amazing cupcakes. (I apologize for comparing them to paradise nuts.) You are hereby advised to taste them here

Thank you to Dan and Patricia from Pop Montreal for hooking us up with apricot beer from McAuslan. You can see their blog here

Thank you to rockin’ Raf Katigbak for taking these photos:

(This last photo features Leiney Chiang, a talented young writer who recently won an award for an imaginative short piece on the dream life of a shopping cart. Note the digit dexterity required for her reverse Vulcan greeting.)